Okay. So I changed my avatar and haven't been on much recently. But.

Am feeling like the once tight community of Jeze has gone completely asunder. Is this really all Kinja's doing? Is it GareBear's? Fiscal Cliff's? the gun debate? Is everyone drunk—or just me?

Mayhap I'm forlorn for not? Perhaps it's my nth number of drinks talking. Afterall, I am celebrating the new year a full day late. Anywho, wish there were more engaging comments on the articles. Although, I am pleased that groupthink has remained somewhat, unchanged.


Ihateemo and Kirov are a thing??? Gawd damn. I need to get on here more often. My, belated best, to the both of you.


Also also, if you insist on asking about medical questions on #groupthink, please check with a doc or PA afterwards. I feel like I read far too many med questions and far too many layman answers.